Do Jamaican Businesses Need SEO?

The short and honest answer is.. it depends.

Using SEO in Jamaica can be extremely profitable for certain businesses while for others, the ROI would be marginal at best.

Why even use SEO?

A large number of individuals use the internet to find goods and services because of its convenience. Millennials especially, who are now a sizeable portion of the adult population, are more likely to look for a service provider online than they are to look in a directory. This means that as the years progress, the importance of including SEO in your marketing plan will only increase.

Times are changing and in order for your business to not only survive, but flourish, you must adapt to changes.

The old way of getting your business contact information in front of people searching was get listed in the business directory but there is no way to stand out in a directory. There are thousands of businesses in the Yellow Pages and unless you buy a large ad space, you’re just going to blend in.

With SEO, there’s no blending in.

Search results are ranked and tests have shown that the top 3 results in the search engine rankings get about 60-65% of the traffic. The first page overall gets about 75%.

Okay, but how do I know if MY business would benefit?

There are many factors to consider such as keyword volume and buyer intent. But a good rule of thumb is this..

Businesses that stand to gain the most are those that provide professional and skilled, high value services such as doctors, lawyers, surveyors etc. This is because most people do not have a go to person for these things so there is enough search volume and buyer potential. Also, these new clients sometimes become long term and drive referrals so the benefit is much more than the initial transaction.

Organizations in the business of tangible product sales are a little different. Those that depend on high volume sales should avoid SEO, and instead invest in another internet marketing option such as SEM or social media marketing. The businesses that would see huge growth from SEO are those which sell low volume – high price – high margin inventory.

So, it wouldn’t benefit a supermarket very much but it would certainly benefit solar panel installers, car dealers, furniture stores etc.

Every business is different.

At Web Solutions, we take all factors into account and formulate an internet marketing plan that is best for your business, whether it’s SEO, SEM, social media marketing or a combination of all three.

For most businesses, all are suggested but for others, it may be better to focus on two or even one.

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