Is SEO Right For You?

SEO isn’t for everyone. Before you engage the services of an seo company, it is important to assess whether you AND your business are good candidates for search traffic.

To help you answer this very important question, we’ve listed a few characteristics of the ideal candidate below. They are:


SEO is not a fly by night operation. It is an ongoing process that will reap great rewards over time and well into the future.

Google themselves have stated that businesses should allow four months to a year to see meaningful results. This period can be shorter if your website is already at least a year old.

There Are No Guarantees

The only person that can guarantee rankings are the search engines themselves – whether it’s Google, or Bing.. Yahoo etc.

Our ability to get your site ranking is based on a detailed understanding of how the algorithm works, combined with in house tests we’ve ran that consistently yield great results.

Product or Service Offered

This is an often overlooked qualification step when persons are looking to rank higher in the search engines.

SEO provides the best ROI for businesses where the mark up on a product or service being offered isn’t very low AND there are enough people searching for it online.

An interesting contrast is that SEO would work well for a lawyer but not for a supermarket.

A lawyer’s service isn’t cheap and most people would have to actually search for a lawyer because they don’t have one on speed dial.

A supermarket on the other hand has fairly low mark up on products and make their profits from high volume sales. Furthermore, most persons in Jamaica know at least three supermarkets off the top of their head so they never have to go online or look in a directory to find one.

You have the capacity to take more clients/sales

You must not only be willing, but able to take on new clients. When the traffic starts rolling in and you start to receive more calls, you must be able to service your potential clients.

Get Started

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PS. We also offer other forms of internet marketing for businesses that aren’t ideal candidates.